Meet Our Retired Puppy Dads

These boys all have loving families that are their forever homes. These boys LOVED their work, but have moved into retirement with those Families that love them!

Red Goldendoodle male
Lincoln is Daddy, and such a sweet F1 goldendoodle dog.

Meet Lincoln, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured above), this dog is one of our red Goldendoodle males. Lincoln has an incredibly sweet disposition and loving temperament. Lincoln weighs 40 lbs.  
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Orion the dad, our Golden retriever stud

Meet Orion, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured above), this dog is a British creme golden retriever with champion bloodlines and has a very sweet loving disposition. Orion produces beautiful British creme goldendoodle puppies. These puppies make incredibly great family pets.

Ralph the dad

Meet Ralph, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured left), this dog is a male red miniature poodle stud. Ralph (also known as Ralphie) weighs 15 lbs and produces beautiful red Moyen Poodle puppies with great temperaments. His puppies make a wonderful family pet for any home. Great with kids, loyal, sweet puppies from Ralph.
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Tyson our Moyen Poodle Daddy

Meet Tyson, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured left), this dog is a Moyen poodle, he is shown in his “teddy bear trim”. He weighs 35 lbs., and he is creme in color. Tyson is a very loving and extremely loyal family pet.
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