Diet and Nutrition

We feel very strongly that a raw meat and bone diet is the best (and most natural) food source for our pets. Our puppies are introduced to raw meat and bones at four weeks and are eating it very well by five weeks old – along with mommy’s milk, and a healthy blend of good food and nutrients listed below.

In the interest of maximum health benefits, it is our wish that all of our puppy owners commit to this diet as well, but the choice is ultimately yours to make. *Your pups will live longer with less vet bills if you follow my diet. Many, many people are overwhelmed with the thought of the raw diet. A book I highly recommend is called Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs.This is an excellent and easy to understand book. It will help you make your own raw meals that are well balanced. (We carry this book, ask for it)

Your puppy has thrived because he/she is eating the best diet available which consists of Life’s Abundance. If you would like to feed canned food rather than the recommended raw- they can be found on my Lifes Abundance supplies page-BUT many will not eat canned food as raw is their natural diet. We sell discounted “Puppy Care Packages”  that include Natures Variety Raw Medallions or Patties-

You can transition to less expensive raw food by getting meat under $2.00 per lb. at your butcher or grocery store (raw meaty bones are best). Your puppies have been fed NU-Vet Nutritional powder since week three/four. I mixed this with warm water, garlic powder,(seasonally for insects) fish oil, vitamin E and probiotics (yogurt).

For breakfast, lunch and dinner- I always have 1-2 cups of dry food available for them, and separately 1 cup ground raw meat and ½ to 1 scoop nu-Vet (or ½-1 tab eaten by mouth) mixed with yogurt or a pro-biotic powder, 1 /2 pump or 1- 1000 mg fish oil per 20 lbs body weight with 100 iu vitamin E tab. The puppy will eat the meat 2 x daily and then dry as needed & lunch meal. (Nutrients only one meal a day) I will have all of these items for sale on pick-up day (except yogurt) as well as other recommended supplies.

Please see your feeding chart/instruction sheet I provided in your folder. Leave the dry food out to eat whenever hungry. They have always had all they want to eat since day one. If you continue, you will likely not have problems with your dog over-eating, or gorging, or pica (when they eat everything in sight).

Click the Dog Food Advisor image below, it is a great resource and offers helpful information for you to find out about foods ratings,
a huge help when shopping for great food for your dog!