Upcoming Australian Labradoodle Litters

Karlas Pets Mt Washington Valley NHUpcoming Australian Labradoodle Puppy Litters for Adoption

All the details about our Australian Labradoodle puppy litters will be shared here from now onwards. For details about other breeds’ litters, please click on the respective breed below.

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Listed below are our Australian Labradoodle PUPPY RATES for 2020 -21.
efore filling out your online application.)

Australian Labradoodles…….$3500

We have four full hours of education and nutritional, grooming and training support for your new puppy, along with all of our prior long term educational and support systems, and guarantees.

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We have waiting lists for our Australian Labradoodle dogs, to put in an online application, click here: ApplyNowButton2

Given below are more details about our upcoming Australian Labradoodle litters and the expected birth dates, as well as, ready-for-adoption dates.

Haze/Macro Labradoodles

Hazel Macro
hazel goldendoodle

Average puppy weighs approx 30-40lbs

Colors: Solid & Parti apricot into reds

Coats: Curly & wavy coats

Bred: 08-29-2021

Born: 10-29-2021 (Approximately)

Ready for adoption: 12-29-2021 (Approximately)

Yazzi/Marco Labradoodles

Yazzi Marco
Yazzi/Marco puppies may look like this
Beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppies

Average puppy weighs approx 30lbs

Colors: Apricot & chocolate, parti

Coats: Curly & wavy coats

Bred: 09-01-2021

Born: 11-01-2021

Ready for adoption: 01-01-2022

To view and learn more about our Dad click here:  learnmore3
To view and learn more about our Mom click here:  learnmore3