Our Exit Seminar

Our “Exit Seminars” are intended to get you started, and off on the best way possible with your new puppy. The seminars are held at Karla’s Pet Rendezvous 1513 Chocorua Mtn Hwy Conway NH – (Mile marker 74 on Rt 16) call for directions 603-447-3435-Hours are listed in the e-mail you received.  There will be times during the seminar that younger kids will get bored as we will go over a lot of paperwork in your binders, health certificates, vaccinations, nutrition, and tons of information. Please prepare for this by having an option for younger kids. Older kids on the other hand will retain a lot of this information, and you may find it very helpful that they hear this information. Wendy, our KPR trainer has made herself available to you for these seminars, and on into the future via e-mail & our  Rendez-Doodles & Moyen poodles private Facebook group The seminar starts with Wendy  giving you your “puppy binder” and going over training & tips for housebreaking etc. with you and answering any questions that you may have….every question is important to us, and if you would like to start to make a list now, go ahead, so you remember to ask it there, as it may help someone else also that did not think of it! We will discuss Purchase & Sale agreement and receive payment ahead of the seminar. We accept certified check & money order written to Karla Schwarz for your balance. Personal checks are accepted if they are mailed two weeks in advance of the Exit Seminar. We can take credit cards& Paypal-with 3% in addition, same as credit card deposits-Be sure have read the Purchase & Sales agreement and understand our commitment together before you arrive. Be sure to have any questions/concerns addressed, about this contract, by speaking with Karla, before the Exit Seminar & signing your purchase & sales agreement. I have compiled a list of necessary “puppy items” to go over with you, and that will be for sale at the seminar. It is important that you purchase food & supplements ahead of time, basically what your puppy is eating now, and will need to keep a consistent stool, and immune system strong for this HUGE transition. In the videos (link in the e-mail I keep sending you:-)We will go over NUTRITION (food & supplements, & rate your dog food sheet) GROOMING (best brushes, combs, shampoos, grooming appointments,etc) CHEW TOYS, several best varieties for you to understand, as your puppy is teething and really needs many different things to chew on, (so it is not you , and the children) we will have CRATE for purchase, the best size in Collars, and “MY FIRST TRAINING LEADS” and much more. My suggestion is to wait until after this seminar to go out & purchase a bunch of puppy supplies. You will become educated about what you need…get what you want from me, then anything else after. This will keep you from wasting money on things that you did not need, or would not work. I will have you check your list as we go over items, so I know what you want from me in addition to your food & supplements. This process goes pretty smoothly when done this way. Early am your puppy will have a nice “Spa” bath, with nail trimming, ear cleaning, and fresh clean ribbon for your scrap book. You will have time to play with and get to know your puppy when you arrive, by the time the seminar starts they will need to nap…and you will leave them for a time. We will provide breakfast & a light lunch for the puppy. We will also provide a “blankie” that smells like littermates & Mom & Dad. I am going to have Mom & Dad (where possible) available for those who did not yet meet them. I will be giving you a copy of health information, vaccination records that will include distemper, parvo and bordetella vaccine. You will want to get microchip & rabies & lyme (New England) when they are older. There is too much information in the seminar for me to mention it all now, but know this will be very useful for you! We will “hold your hand” as long as we need to, to help your transition with your new puppy. Karla Schwarz 207-653-3321 cell.