Exit Seminar & Gotcha Day Info

Our “Exit Seminars” are intended to get you started, and off on the best way possible with your new puppy. A portion of the seminar is done by watching our private You Tube Videos, they are approximately two hours long and you can watch as often as you like, but at least ONCE before coming to choose your puppy. The food is incorrect- as I keep changing to the latest & greatest. Paw Tree(Pawtree.com/karlaspets)  is my newBEST food, and nutrients & treats, and the  best, clean products I can find.  The rest is a Zoom Meeting for another 2 1/2 hours, the link is below, watch this one closer to your Pick up Day &
WATCH THE YOU TUBE VIDEOS HERE. Older kids will retain a lot of this information, and you may find it very helpful that they hear this information. Wendy, our KPR trainer speaks to you for the Zoom seminar, and on into the future via e-mail & our Rendez-Doodles & Moyen Poodles Facebook page here.
Access Passcode: PRg&QC1#
 Starts with Wendy sharing info from your “puppy binder” and going over training & with you and going over FAQ’s.  I will go over everything else- if your questions were not answered here- bring them with you to Gotcha day ok? 
The Online Puppy Manual on the website has parts of what we are going over, and going to hand you, so it would be helpful to you to now go and read that as well, to be ahead of the game and have many questions handled there.
Hours and times for GOTCHA day are in your Puppy Picks e-mail.
Go to MWV Chamber of Commerce to find a hotel if you would like to stay overnight.
We will discuss Purchase & Sale agreement and receive payment after you have chosen your puppy on Puppy Picks/Gotcha day. We accept CASH, Certified Check & Money Order written to Karla Schwarz or Karla’s Pet Rendezvous for your balance.  If you use Venmo 2% & Paypal there is a 3% charge for puppy payment-Personal checks are accepted if they are mailed two weeks in advance before the Exit Seminar. Written to Karla Schwarz or Karla’s Pet Rendezvous and mailed to 238 Highland Park Rd Fryeburg ME 04037 in the summer months and 2289 Birdsong Lane Naples FL. 34117 in the winter months. If you are unsure send me a text 207-653-3321 BEFORE mailing your check.  The food/nutrients/supplies purchases will be done ahead on Pawtree.com/karlaspets on line, and the rest are the Onsite Puppy Supplies as this is my daughters business. Credit cards may be used for onsite  puppy supplies for no added charge. Supplies are separate please. 
Please be sure to have read the Purchase & Sales agreement and understand our commitment together before you arrive. Be sure to have any questions/concerns addressed about this contract by speaking with Karla before the Puppy Picks/Gotcha Day.
We have Onsite Puppy Supplies that we have found to be the best product at the best pricing- We have chosen three different packages for you to choose, if you wish, that will be for sale at Puppy Picks/ Gotcha Day (we give you the list ahead in a separate e-mail) called Discounted Puppy Care Packages. It is important that you purchase supplements, ahead of time. This is what your puppy is doing now and will need to keep a consistent stool and keep the immune system strong for this HUGE transition. We will go over NUTRITION (food & supplements) GROOMING, chews, several best varieties for you to understand, as your puppy is teething and really needs many different things to chew on(so it is not you, and the children…). We will have crates, “My First Training Collars & Leads” and much more. My suggestion is to wait until after watching the YouTube & Zoom seminars to go out & purchase your puppy supplies, if you get our packages you are off to a good start! This will keep you from wasting money on things that you did not need, or would not work. Please let us know  ahead of time that you would like one of our Discounted Packages. We will haveraw medallions/patties for sale at Puppy Pick/Gotcha Day as well. Most of the nutrients you will get ahead of time, but the probiotics you will want to get from us.(shipping is ridiculous) Yogurt is NOT the only probiotic you will need. The powder eliminates loose stools- yogurt does not.
Early morning on Gotcha Day your puppy will have a nice “Spa” bath with nail trimming and ear cleaning.
You will meet the puppies and choose from the pups available with our help. Once you have chosen, we will do your P&S and payment, and get your supplies.
We will provide a light lunch for the puppy. We will also provide a “blankie” that smells like litter- mates & Mom & Dad. I am going to have Mom & Dad (where possible) available for those who did not yet meet them (Not during COVID).
I will be giving you a copy of health information, vaccination records that will include Distemper and Bordetella vaccine. I will give you your Trupanion certificate-call within 24hrs of receipt of healthy pup. You will want to get microchip & Rabies & Lyme (New England) when they are older.
There is too much information in the seminar for me to mention it all now, but know this will be very useful for you!
We will “hold your hand” as long as we need to, to help your transition with your new puppy.