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Are You Interested in Getting One of Our Goldendoodle Puppies? We are a Quality Goldendoodle breeder in the New England region. Check our Goldendoodle Puppies for sale.

Along with other Doodle breeds, we breed and raise Goldendoodles and have a reputation as an ethical and responsible Doodle breeder in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut for a many years. To learn more about why we have earned our reputation as a reputable Doodle breeder, get to know us and what we do. If you are a dog lover like we are, you are aware of this beautiful breed, the Goldendoodle. It is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. These wonderful dogs make great family pets. They are great with kids, loyal, smart and wonderful to have in your home.

As a responsible breeder, we can answer all your questions and share with you the value of how we raise these beautiful dogs.

 Before we move further, check some of our beautiful Goldendoodle puppies.

We’re so proud of the way we raise our Doodles! All of our puppies including Goldendoodles are born in our bedrooms and living rooms and never in cages or kennels, this gives them plenty of room to run and play. We take exceptionally good care of our puppy moms and dads. We always feed them the best available species appropriate diet (RAW), we are highly educated about the nutrition they need and how this affects their health and well-being and the quality of life they will have as adult dogs.

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Why Us?

All of the Goldendoodle puppies we have for sale are Volhard Temperament Tested, Vaccinated, Health Guarantee, and Parents are Health Tested. When you meet us, on GOTCHA DAY you will also meet our dog parents and see who created these adorable puppies.

Before the day you pick up your new puppy, we provide two seminars that total 4 1/2 hours. These seminars will help teach you the basic things you need to be educated and informed about; Nutrition, Parental and Puppy Health, Training Crates, Treats, Toys, and Grooming Education and Supplies. We offer another online training program called Baxter & Bella at a very reasonable rate- We recommend you get a trainer in your town as well, for best leadership skills & well balanced dog.

We love sharing our knowledge with you! We will support you and your adopted Goldendoodle puppy as they grow. We also share their siblings with you as a group through online sharing of photos, stories, the other dog owners and tips, we stay connected to you for as long or short of a time you need.

Check out some of our Goldendoodles