Purchase & Sales Agreement

Karla’s Pet Rendezvous 

Purchase & Sales Agreement 

The following agreement is between Karla’s Pet Rendezvous, hereafter referred to as “Breeder” and, hereafter referred to as “PURCHASER” for the sale and purchase of one doodle or poodle dog. In consideration of an agreed upon purchase price of which five hundred dollars has been received and two hundred of that, as a non-refundable deposit, the breeder transfers in fee simple all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of a (male/female) Golden-Labra-Berna-Double Doodle or Moyen Poodle dog to Purchaser as of the date and time specified below. This represents the entire agreement between Breeder and Purchaser in this sale.

It is agreed between breeder and purchaser that this dog is being acquired as a family companion dog or as a working dog to be used for tasks appropriate to its breed such as therapy dog, service dog, or for exhibition in obedience or agility competition. 

We agree that the dog is not purchased for resale nor will it be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or conformation.

Health Guarantee

The breeder warrants the dog to be in good health, up to date on vaccinations, and treated and/ or free from parasites as of the time of sale. Further the breeder warrants that the first distemper Vaccine regimen began at 7 or 8 weeks. The eyes of sire & dam (parents or grandparents) have been examined by a veterinarian and DNA analysis to be free of genetic disorders, Sire (poodle) has been cleared from SA, a sever skin disorder, that some poodles may inherit, and VwB DNA testing for inherited genetic disorders. Orthopedic tests are complete & cleared for hip dysplasia & elbow & patella disorders, where necessary.

We guarantee said puppy for 2 years, in the event of emergence of any genetic disorder during the first 2 years of life, (if puppy succeeds with Core 4 nutritional supplements for at least the first four years of life this guarantee is extended to 4 years.)… that is severe in nature or that will significantly decrease the quality of life or longevity of the dog, as diagnosed by two qualified veterinarians, one of whom is selected by the breeder, the breeder agrees to one of the following: 

Replace the dog with one of equivalent quality from the first litter bred by the breeder;


Refund veterinary expenses up to 100% of the original purchase price.

Purchaser must have the dog seen by a Veterinarian of purchaser’s choice within 72 hours of receipt of the dog. Said dog may be returned to the breeder for any reason within 14 days  following purchase. Provided that the dog has not been damaged in any way the purchaser will then be entitled to a refund of the original purchase price less the non- refundable deposit.

“We are not responsible for accidents, negligence or poisonings, or genetic anomalies, or problems generated by poor nutritional care.” 

Ownership Responsibilities

The purchaser agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and properly train and care for it. Specifically the dog will be properly licensed, micro-chipped, and inoculated per our vaccinations hand out-more is not better. The dog will receive proper and customary veterinary care. The dog will not be allowed to roam unsupervised, or chained & left to his/ her own devices. Pet will not live outside year-round, and will be socialized and obedience- trained appropriately. The dog will not be allowed to become obese, yet provided with an optimal healthy diet recommended and Nu-Vet, fish oil Vit E and probiotics nutritional supplements. Training for good leadership qualities, if you fail in leadership, this is not the dogs fault, and you will need to get help, ASAP- from trainers in your area. *

Spay & Neutering

All dogs except those sold explicitly as breeding dogs will be required to be spayed or neutered per best health results- age can be up to one year or more in females and two years in males based on recent science- If purchaser does not provide proof of de-sexing, from a licensed veterinarian by 2 years of age, then purchaser assumes costs of breeding dog, which are typically two to five times the price of pet puppy. These fees are due to breeder immediately. In addition, no health guarantee will stand in effect if the dog is not de-sexed and proof is provided of such prior to the 2 year time period. (waiting for heath reasons is acceptable) BREEDING THIS DOG IS NOT PERMITTED unless you have purchased a dog tested specifically for breeding.

Right of Recovery/Placement

In the event that the purchaser is unable to keep the dog or provide an appropriate home in accordance with this agreement, owner will contact the breeder. Lack of leadership and behavioral issues that stem from this, require diligence on your part, not a returned dog. (Would you do this with your child?) A great dog requires effort and diligence at the onset of behavioral problems, and ongoing, if behaviors are not addressed- sometimes for a lifetime. Breeder will not refund purchaser for puppies returned due to lack of planning and or/commitment on purchaser part. Purchaser agrees to notify the breeder if any such contingency arises and will not abandon the dog to a shelter. If purchaser sells an unaltered dog, then purchaser assumes cost of breeding dog, and these fees are due immediately.
Purchaser assumes agreement to all terms and conditions of this agreement when reserving a puppy, and taking possession of dog. This contractual agreement is made, executed and will remain in the jurisdiction of the state that Breeder and Purchaser both abide. Purchaser must return signed contract to breeder by Pick time of puppy, or within 3 days of receipt of puppy, or all warranties, expressed or implied, will be voided. 

Agreed to this _______________________ day of ________________
Purchaser ___________________________________________________

BREEDER: Karla’s Pet Rendezvous (Karla Schwarz)