Boarding Application for Dogs & Cats

Dog Cat Boarding Application for Dogs and Cats Daycare Pet Care Dog boarding daycare application


To board your dog or cat with Karla’s Pets, please fill out the following online dog and cat application.

New Client File Form

Boarding, Daycare, Training, Etc. new client form for contract.
  • Owner Information

  • Please provide veterinarian's name, as well as clinic name and location.
  • Pet Info

  • If exact birthdate is not known, an approximation is perfectly ok!
  • Please tell us if you have had your dog since puppyhood or adulthood.
  • Other than in a playful gesture, please tell us if your pet has bitten anyone or other dogs.
  • Is your pet shy, fearful or aggressive? Please let us know!
  • Please describe any existing or history of medical conditions, physical abnormalities, or other medical concerns.
  • Please provide instructions regarding meal times (Morning?, Lunch?, Night?) and amount of food your pet gets per meal. We ask that you bring your pet's usual food, in an effort to minimize stress on their digestive system during their stay.
    Either now or in the future, please select all that apply.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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