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do it yourself dog wash at Karlas Pets

Save $ and Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash!
We are committed to providing a Premier Self-Serve Dog Wash. Most every dog owner will agree, a regularly bathed dog is a happier, healthier pet. With our superior quality stainless steel bathing tubs it allows you to leaveĀ behind the hassles of washing your dog at home. Your benefits are; no more bending over the tub, no lifting your dog, no more finding hair weeks laterā€¦ just bring in your dog, roll up your sleeves, we supply you with everything you need! Ā Dog boarding for dog lovers

Do it yourself dog wash

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DIY dog wash scent of the month

Enjoy our delicious Scent of the Month which changes every month, to keep your dog smelling great!

Karlas Pets Mt Washington Valley NHĀ Self-Serve Dog Wash Rates

Small Dog | $15 (up to 30 lbs)
Med DogĀ |Ā $20 (31-60 lbs)
Large DogĀ |Ā $25 (61-90 lbs)
Giant DogĀ |Ā $30 (91-120+ lbs)
Nail TrimĀ |Ā $10. (Proceeds donated to Local Shelter)

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PLEASE NOTE:Ā The last pet must start one hour before closing.
Save $5 for more than one Pet with our Multi Pet Discount,
in the same household.
Get a FREE bath with our Rendezvous Regular
Self-Serve Punch Card

Karlas Pets Mt Washington Valley NHAmenities
ā€¢ No appointment necessary
ā€¢ Two tubs raised to waist-level with stairs and restraints
ā€¢ State of the art shampoo dispensing system with our delicious Scent of the Month, and natural botanical tear-less & hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioner.
ā€¢ Electric grooming table lifts your dog up to save your back from any strains.
ā€¢ Warm forced air blowers to remove water and excess hair.
ā€¢ Brushes, combs, towels, aprons, ear cleaner, nail clippers, scissors and botanical cologne for lasting freshness.
ā€¢ Flea and medicated baths, nail clippings, anal sacs, sanitary trim and hair removal (for a nominal fee).

Rendezvous Regulars

To becomeĀ a Rendezvous Regular and get a FREE wash on us!
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To become aĀ Loyalty Rewards Program member, for another opportunity to get a FREEĀ Self-Serve dog wash on us!
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TimelineĀ Requirements

ā€¢ Last wash must start no later than oneĀ hour before closing.Ā Pets must be leashed, no appointment needed.

Do it yourself dog wash

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Our dog bath tub allows you r

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