Meet Our Puppy Dads

Are You Looking for a Reliable Goldendoodle Breeder?

Meet our dads. They are the reason we are able to give ourselves the the title: “RELIABLE GOLDENDOODLE BREEDER”
On this page we share our beautiful
Doodles, Moyen Poodles, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle studs. These are the dads that make
these puppies wonderful. We love our dogs and it shows.
We feed them highly nutritional food and take very good
care of them.

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Meet Finley, one of our Puppy Dads-retired

(pictured above), he is a beautiful Australian labradoodle stud and he comes from nice Australian bloodlines. Finley weighs 25 lbs and has a very sweet and playful, loving  disposition. We are so excited to have his puppies. Finley is a caramel creme parti.
Click here for Finley’s Health Records

Clyde, our Australian Labradoodle Stud

Meet Clyde, one of our Puppy Dads
(pictured above), he is a beautiful Australian labradoodle stud and he comes from Australian bloodlines, Rutlands and Tegan Park. Clyde weighs 35 lbs and has a wonderful disposition and throws beautiful puppies. He is apricot creme.
Click here for Clyde’s Health Records

Beautiful wavy goldendoodles
Cooper is an outstanding, smart, and loving little boy! Only 13 lbs! Mini Goldendoodle

Red Goldendoodle male

Meet Lincoln, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured above), this dog is one of our red Goldendoodle males. Lincoln has an incredibly sweet disposition and loving temperament. Lincoln weighs 40 lbs.  Click here for Lincoln’s Health Records

Meet Marco our chocolate Australian Labradoodle stud

Meet Marco, one of our Puppy Dads
(pictured above), this dog is one of our chocolate Australian
Labradoodle studs. Click here for Marco’s Health Records

Orion the dad, our Golden retriever stud

Meet Orion, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured above), this dog is a British creme golden retriever with champion bloodlines and has a very sweet loving disposition. Orion produces beautiful British creme goldendoodle puppies. These puppies make incredibly great family pets.

Peter is our Champion Toy Poodle Stud

Meet Peter, one of our Puppy Dads
(pictured left), this dog is a champion toy poodle stud who is available for stud services. If you are interested in a champion toy poodle stud, give us a call and we can discuss if Peter is right for you. He is wonderful with kids and other small dogs, loves his family life and produces beautiful puppies.
Click here for Peter’s Health Records

Ralph the dad

Meet Ralph, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured left), this dog is a male red miniature poodle stud. Ralph (also known as Ralphie) weighs 15 lbs and produces beautiful red Moyen Poodle puppies with great temperaments. His puppies make a wonderful family pet for any home. Great with kids, loyal, sweet puppies from Ralph.
Click here for Ralph’s Health Records

Tyson our Moyen Poodle Daddy

Meet Tyson, one of our Puppy Dads (retired)
(pictured left), this dog is a Moyen poodle, he is shown in his “teddy bear trim”. He weighs 35 lbs., and he is creme in color. Tyson is a very loving and extremely loyal family pet.
Click here for Tyson’s Health Records

Red Moyen Poodle male.

Meet Wilson, one of our Puppy Dads
(pictured left), Wilson is a perfect, sweet and loving red Moyen Poodle male. Wilson weighs just 21 lbs and he loves his family, freedom, and having fun with his girls – His puppies make amazing family pets.
Click here for Wilson’s Health Records

Yankee, our labradoodle male

Meet Yankee, one of our Puppy Dads
Yankee is very sweet natured. loving, family oriented, and well behaved! He loves to hike and great with off lead to go the extra mile! Yankee Weighs 60 lbs, and is an F1 (first generation labradoodle) Click here for Yankee’s Health Records

Here is a sampling of some of our adorable puppies!

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