Meet Our Puppy Moms

A Quality Goldendoodle
and Labradoodle & Poodle Breeder Shares her Puppy Moms!

Meet Our Puppy Moms

We get this questions a lot: “Where can I find a quality Goldendoodle, Moyen Poodle & Labradoodle Breeder?” If you are looking for a quality Goldendoodle and Poodle Labradoodle breeder, we love to educate our dog owners and tell them what we offer.  We pride ourselves in raising beautiful puppies from our moms and dads.
We like to “show off” our Puppy Moms and Dads. On this page,
we are sharing who are Puppy Moms are. To see our dads,
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Meet Lucy our red moyen poodle Mama!

Meet Lucy, one of our Puppy Moms 
(pictured above), this dog is our beautiful red Moyen Poodle Moms, Lucy above is in her “Teddy bear” trim. Although Lucy is a poodle, she has the “doodle” look in the above photo. Lucy is sweet, smart, and ‘Sassy” in such a good way. She is a great family pet, and produces wonderful puppies!

This is our red Moyen Poodle Lucy- in a poodle trim-

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Darla goldendoodle Momma
Meet Darla our beautiful goldendoodle Momma! 30 lbs, and curly red coat
Darla on her birthday-

Meet Darla, one of our Puppy Moms
Our Goldendoodle Puppy Mom! Darla is an exceptionally sweet & loving family pet- Darla adores her people, and also to run & play with the kids, and her other four legged sister. Darla is a great Momma and makes outstanding puppies!

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Royal is a beautiful sweet red moyen poodle girl

Meet Royal, one of our Puppy Moms
She is a red Moyen poodle Mama with a very loving personality, she loves people, other dogs, to play and romp, and she is also  very athletic! She is SUPER affectionate….Loves to give kisses!

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Capri is red goldendoodle girl with a curly coat, and our larger girl at 55lbs-she is our largest doodle Mama

Meet Capri one of our Puppy Moms
Capri is a red Goldendoodle Mama with a curly coat, she is 50 lbs, and our largest girl at this time- Capri is super smart and has earned her “Canine Good Citizen” as well as her “Canine Service Dog” status. The sky is the limit on what these dogs can do if you give your time to teach them!

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Marlow is a wavy coated f1b goldendoodle red in color
Sweetest family dog- with lots of love to go around!

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Meet Marlow one of our Puppy Moms
She is our wavy coated red Goldendoodle Mama, she is also 30lbs- and she lives in the country with plenty of room to run & play with her kids and four legged friends . Marlow is smart, listens well, and thinks she is a “lap dog” all the time!

Phoebe is golden with curly hair, and a VERY sweet & loving, smart girl!

Meet Phoebe one of our Puppy Moms
Phoebe is a sweet Goldendoodle Mama, she is great with rides in the car, she is apricot in color and has a curly coat when trimmed- Phoebe is a HUGE loving member of the family, and sweet and smart and athletic, like all of my girls!

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Penny is beautiful red at about 30 lbs-wavy to curly coat, and a love!

Meet Penny, one of our Puppy Moms
Our Goldendoodle Mama Penny is about as sweet as they come! Smart & so loving! Penny lives with Lucy & Kramer and they are truly the cutest “pack” of poodles & doodles! Penny thinks she is the boss or everyone but I am sure the others would disagree…good girl Penny!

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River is a red Labradoodle Mama with a wavy coat

Meet River one of our Puppy Moms
River is our red Labradoodle Mama with a wavy coat and weighs about 40lbs- she is our second largest Labradoodle Mama! River lives near the river and goes for hikes with her Mama ALL the time! She is active & athletic! But settles nicely into her sleeping bag -loving & cuddles are in order after that hike!

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Minneau is a beautiful poodle with apricot and white parti coloring-

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Meet Minneau one of our Puppy Moms
Minneau is our smallest Poodle Mama at 10 lbs (soaking wet!) Minneau will make beautiful mini Goldendoodles with Cooper! We look forward to these babies…many are asking for “littles” well they are coming!


We also breed Australian Labradoodles, Doubledoodles and Moyen Poodles. To learn more about all that we do, check out our Rendez-Doodles page. (pronounced RON-DAY) by clicking here: learnmore3

Australian Labradoodle

Meet Phoenix, one of our Puppy Moms
(pictured above), this beautiful dog is an Australian labradoodle  Mom to be. She weighs 30 lbs as an adult, she has a great temperament and will produce multi-generational puppies
(Moyen in size).
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Meet Yazzi our sweet labradoodle Mom!

Meet Yazzi, one of our Puppy Moms  
This dog is our beautiful Australian Labradoodle Mom, she weighs 25 lbs. she is Apricot & white abstract in color, a very smart dog, loyal, and makes a very dedicated family pet. She is so incredibly sweet!Click here

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Meet Isla


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Meet Eliza

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Meet Hazel

hazel goldendoodle

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