How to Get Ready for New Puppy

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How to get ready for your new puppy

Things to do to get ready for your new Puppy

1-Remind you to go to the “Our Puppy Promise” page of the website, and print to read everything there! This will help you at the seminar as there is much too much to absorb. You cannot possibly retain everything, and I will not be reading all the paperwork I give you in your folders, only referring to them & explain what they are (handouts)

2-Also you can get your food, and nutrients purchased there (I recommend the autoship for both NuVet Nutritional Powder as well as the Life’s Abundance kibble & canned meat) I will go into detail at the seminar about Nutrition, as it is a passion for me, with my dogs and the “humans” in my life.

3-You will want to have Vitamin E tabs in your home (100iu) as well as Organic whole milk yogurt-you can purchase a bed-but everything else please wait until I have gone over the supplies I have there for youI will show you the “best” brush, comb, collar & lead (training) chews, toys, etc with explanations as to why.

4-As you know puppy picks are held at Karla’s Pet Rendezvous on “Go Home Day” and & Exit Seminar is ZOOM (1513 Chocorua Mtn Hwy, Conway, NH. or Mile Marker 74 on Rt 16, GPS may not work so call 603-447-3435 if there are directional questions)

5- I ask that you confirm the time I have set with you, in e-mail & text correspondence- if you have not yet- and if you are unavailable to drive to meet and choose your pup, that is fine- we will use that time slot to do visits & picks over the phone with FaceTime, & or videos. We have so many from distances that we will do over the phone- Please respond to me to let me know if you are able to make it during your time slot- (and know that if you cannot it will affect everyone behind you:-)

Puppy Visit Day will be typically on the same day as Puppy Go Home Day &  after the Temperament test, at week 8. We cannot decide a Puppy Pick/Go Home  day until the puppies are born for obvious reasons
Puppy Pick Day is after temperament testing and -Sun usually-at Karla’s Pet Rendezvous typically -this is mandatory and you MUST be available at the time slot you are in- in order to get the pick of the pups in the order of sequence-this can be done through FaceTime -& over the phone as well- many plan to stay in the area for an overnight as this is sometimes a long day.  Exit Seminar is ZOOM a week or more before, puppy picks start in the am-& finish by early afternoon
The same  day–so make early reservations through the MT WASHINGTON VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE- if this is your choice

5-Puppy Picks & Go Home time & date is written in stone on the planned day provided. So stay the night if you are from afar! Go to MWV Chamber of Commerce to see what lodging is available to you.  YOU WILL HAVE ORDERED FOOD & NUTRIENTS FROM THE WEBSITE BEFORE COMING TO PUPPY PICKS/GO HOME DAY-EVERYONE WILL HAVE DONE THIS THE WEEK BEFORE ARRIVING.
AT  WE HAVE ALL THE PUPPY SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED- EXCEPT A BED-We have much experience to help you make the right decisions for food & nutrients, best brush, comb, collar & lead for training class, crate, as well as chews for teething & crate training -lots to see & come home with!

6-Please find the Purchase & Sale Agreement (Under health guarantee) for you to peruse.

Warmly, Karla Schwarz & Moyen Poodles at