Continued Training

Weekly Refresher Courses at our Sausage & Biscuit Social
Our weekly refresher courses are available for dog owners looking for a little brush up on previously learned skills and behaviors. These courses are scheduled every Saturday.  We rotate topics as outlined below. Cost is $20 per session.

Behavior & Manners: Having trouble with your dog not greeting people politely, barking, digging or any other annoying habits? Come for our Behavior & Manners Seminar to get tips on how to get rid of those annoying behaviors. Dog boarding for dog lovers

Leash Manners: Tips to getting a more reliable walking partner so you can enjoy your walks and they don’t become a chore. No more dreading the time you spend with your dog on leash, instead look forward to the time you spend enjoying the great outdoors! Dog boarding for dog lovers

Housebreaking: Tips for housetraining from puppies to adult dogs.

Four on the Floor (off): Do you want your dog to stay off you, your guests, the furniture, counter or kids? Come see up for tips on how to do just that! Dog boarding for dog lovers

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